Cube Pound Cakes: Four Amazing Recipes

K-style cube pound cakes

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Pound cakes are classic. They are relatively easy and most people love them – amazing for homebakers as well as shop owners. But the classic pound cakes are a bit boring and you really need to spice it up into something cool and trendy. These cube pound cakes went viral in Korea a few years ago and it’s still one of the most popular products.​

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Sugar Lane Cube Pound Cake


What do you learn in this course?

Classic Crumble

Take the classic crumble, and place it on a cube pound cake. Voila!

Fruity Pound

Don’t be fooled by the name. It’s actually rum soaked dried fruit (just like the one you use for stollen). The longer you age it, the better it is!


Taking the classic Aussie theme of Lamington and applying it to cube pound cakes. Can’t go wrong!

Chocolate Banana

Combination of chocolate and banana is irresistable. This recipe incorporates both mashed bananas inside the batter as well as couverture chocolate!

Only with Hanbit

What's special about this course?

Silikomart SF104

This specific silicone mould will be used in this course. Of course the recipe works for any type of pan and mould but to achieve a similar outcome, you would need this mould – it’s relatively easy to purchase this product worldwide.

Oven matters

Silicone moulds don’t conduct heat as well as steel pans. Thus, results tend to be better using convection ovens relative to deck ovens as it’s important to conduct heat on the side of the mould as well as the bottom & top.

Detailed instructions and explanation

As usual Hanbit goes full-on when it comes to explaning the ingredients and the steps. You’ll be given step-by-step intructions on how to make this amazing pastry product.


Why learn from Hanbit?

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Understand the needs

Hanbit comes from a non-pastry background. He worked in banking, consulting and IT. This meant that in order to become a pastry chef, he learnt everything from scratch. This journey helped him design his courses such that it’s accessible to home-bakers as well as professionals.

Why & How

Hanbit’s genuinely interested in the science of baking. Thus, he tries to take the time to explain about the role of specific ingredients and how the methods work. In turn this helps his students to reduce the chances of failure.

Experience in teaching

Hanbit has been teaching students at his academy (Sugar Lane) for the past 4 yrs. Having taught more than 2000 students He has seen enough to know where students make mistakes and experience difficulties.

Hanbit Cho


Hanbit is the CEO of Sugar Lane Baking Academy based in Seoul, Korea. As a pastry chef, his mission is to make baking more enjoyable – both for homebakers and professionals. This is being achieved through his baking academy in Seoul where he has taught more than 2500 students over 6 years. 


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Caren Kim
1년 전 포스팅
Silicone mould finally arrived and tried it out!

Wow these silicone moulds are amazing. They give nice cubes and the pound cake comes off nicely without greasing it. I love all the recipes on this course as well. Thank you chef!

Preview Image
1년 전 포스팅
cube pound cake

very details information are given, i have made follow closely to the instructions , the end results is amazing, most importantly is th cake is moist and not so sweet

Preview Image
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